TOHO glow in the dark 11/0 (TR-11-2725) No.1583

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Watch dog

TOHO Japanese seed beads

TOHO glow in the dark 11/0 (TR-11-2725) No.1583 in design Gray Crystal/Bright Green are unique Japanese seed beads which you just expose to daylight or artificial light and it will turn your elegant piece of jewellery to an intensively glowing jewellery at night. Thanks to the precise shape, TOHO seed beads are ideal for bead weaving and bezeled jewellery.

Size: 11/0 = 2,2 mm
Colour: Gray Crystal/Bright Green
Hole width: 0,9 mm
Manufacturer code: TR-11-2725
Note: 5 g = app. 500 pcs
Product code: 33081